Non ti scordar di me
Fabio Marin, Giuseppe Petruzzellis,  2021, 12'20''

forget me not.jpg

Nekega dne se Gilda zave, da ima težave s pripravljanjem mize. To so prvi znaki alzheimerjeve bolezni. Stopnjevanje bolezni se spremeni v tok podob na robu pozabe.

Gilda is a middle aged woman, mother and wife. One day she realizes she's having problems setting the table. These are her first symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Through found footage and poetic visions, the stages of her illness become a stream of images on the breach of oblivion. 

Memory transforms into a shaking kaleidoscope, a broken tape, a dreamlike world. Standing in front of her own disintegration, Gilda's one and only foothold to reality is love.

Directors biography:

Fabio Marin (1985) is an entrepreneur, politician and director. He has produced 3 shorts that all focus on social issues. His professional career revolves around politics, communication and animals. Since 2019 he is the mayor of San Zenone degli Ezzelini (Veneto, Italy).

Giuseppe Petruzzellis (1983) is a screenwriter, film director, producer and editor. He specializes in creative documentaries and has collaborated on over 60 film projects, including 17 features. In 2007 he established the film production Aplysia.